At ZealCon we take a holistic approach to Enterprise Solution Architecture.

Our methodologies help maximize and accelerate your return on investment in SAP, Java, Oracle and Microsoft technologies across the board. We help you implement the right solutions the right way, identify weaknesses and strengths in your IT environment, and optimize your systems to meet new challenges and incorporate new technologies.

We are passionate about what we do and who we are. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and the people within our company. We work hard to ensure we perform at the highest levels, always seeking to become better at what we do.

We are professional and honest in our working relationships. We strive for equity and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another. We honor our commitments and hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.

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When it comes to tackling challenging projects, our consultants will ensure that you succeed where others may fail. Our consultants are versed in multiple technologies and disciplines to give an organization a complete picture of how they can benefit and utilize technologies in their environment. We work with you through all stages of the project lifecycle to help solve your greatest challenges. We help you make critical decisions on your IT direction, define the initiatives and roadmap to achieve that direction, and work with you to ensure these key initiatives are delivered successfully.

We have experienced consultants in the following areas:

  • Solution Architects: SAP, Java, Microsoft, Oracle expertise
  • SAP Portal Architects
  • SAP CRM eCommerce Specialists
  • SAP Security Architects
  • SAP Basis Consultants
  • ERP Project Managers
  • Senior Software Engineers: Java, .NET, various certifications
  • BPM Specialists
  • Share Point Consultants
  • GRC Specialists
  • eCommerce Specialist
  • Data Architects
  • OpenBravo Functional and Technical certified

Building cost-effective, adaptive, high value solutions:

Businesses today are feeling the pain of overdue projects and blown budgets leading to high operating costs. But merely slashing budgets can result in risks to business continuity and diminished application quality and user adoption rates.

Zealcon has years of experience in application development and integration, helping many large and small companies cut costs while lowering risk, enhancing product quality, and improving time-to-market. Whether it’s our fixed cost approach to legacy modernization, our experience in ERP Solutions, our skill in leveraging open source technologies, or our highly adaptive pricing model, our goal is the same as yours – to realize greater value from your IT investments.

We have a solid track record of consistently architecting and building solutions for large, complex, high-touch projects and programs — on time and on budget. You gain rapid, adaptive, cost-effective solutions by taking advantage of our disciplined project execution approach, multi-disciplinary teams, and a seamless ability to meet and adapt to your specific needs.

This means we encounter and understand nuances and subtleties that can’t be seen from afar by typical firms. It means we can even transfer knowledge and insight from specific business functions from other industries to immediately impact your business. This collective intelligence enables us to deliver superior applications more quickly and consistently than our competitors.

What we Provide

  • Openbravo ERP Solutions
  • SAP CRM Support
  • SAP Internet Selling Extended Life Support
  • SAP Portal Support
  • Turn Key E-Commerce Solutions
  • Native Mobile Solutions for SAP

Zealcon takes a holistic approach to Enterprise Solution Architecture. Our methodology helps to maximize and accelerate the return on investment in SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun technologies across the board. Our methodology helps you to implement the right solutions the right way, to identify weaknesses and strengths in your IT environment, and to optimize your systems to meet new challenges and incorporate new technologies.

We can help

  • SAP PCI Compliant Services
  • SAP Portal Activity Monitor
  • SAP Portal Custom Desktop Skins
  • SAP Portal Floating Desktops
  • Knowledge Management Skins
  • SAP Portal Activity Based Timer
  • SAP Cross Domain SSO widget
  • Integrated SAP Portal light box solution

At Zealcon our reputation depends on our talented employees. We consistently deliver quality solutions and services because of the experience and integrity of the people who work here. Our goal is to attract and retain the brightest consultants and engineers on the market.

Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer you can bring top-notch architecture, design and development skills to the table in the enterprise Java realm.  In this position you can deliver innovative solutions to complex business problems by helping us build applications  for scientists in a Fortune 500 company.  As a Zealcon employee you can do so much more too!

Provided with best-of-breed tools and technologies, the sky is the limit on expertise to be gained and utilized.  Whether your interests are in the enterprise Java stack, SOA, Scala, big data, rich JavaScript UIs or everything in between – the opportunities are plentiful.

Working as a highly valued member of a scrum team, you will be involved in the full agile lifecycle of software development. Providing innovation and high-quality work is valued and rewarded.

Desired Skills & Experience

- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

- Minimum 4 years Java experience

- Hibernate

- Spring


- TDD (Test Driven Development) methodology

- Clean code advocate

- Comfortable with rich UI web development (CSS, JS, related frameworks) highly desired

- Team Oriented- Works cooperatively with others

- Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills highly desired

Are you ready to take you career to the next level? Contact us today and let us know what it will take to make you part of the team!!  Look forward to hearing from you! 

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